Will Nissin’s New “Gaming Cup Noodle” Spur You to Victory?

Gamers: would you eat noodles with caffeine and niacin if it meant the difference between victory and defeat? Nissin is betting you will.

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By Jay Allen

Nissin Gaming Cup Noodle

Nissin, the Japanese company behind the world-famous Cup Noodle, has a history of releasing new products to get people’s attention. Their new product is no exception: a cross between their flagship product and an energy drink.

Gaming Cup Noodle’s two flavors

Nissin Gaming Cup Noodle: Energy Garlic and Black Pepper Yakisoba (left) and Energy Ginger Keema Curry (right).
Nissin Gaming Cup Noodle: Energy Garlic and Black Pepper Yakisoba (left) and Energy Ginger Keema Curry (right). (Picture: Nissin)

Nissin is no stranger to instant noodles. In fact, founder Andou Monofuku invented them in 1958. Since then, through a combination of new products and clever marketing, the company has managed to rule the instant noodle roost ever since.

Its fortunes only seem to be on the rise lately, as well — especially outside of Japan. In the quarter ending March 2023, the company reported a colossal 43.8% increase in overseas sales, with a 60.4% runup in the Americas alone.

But will its latest product aimed at gamers keep them buzzing? Or will the pros refuse to level up?

As its name denotes, the new product, Gaming Cup Noodle, is aimed at video game players who take their pastime seriously. It comes in two flavors. The Garlic and Black Pepper Yakisoba variety uses a soy-flavored base. Meanwhile, the Ginger Keema Curry (a Southeast Asian specialty typically made with beef mince) uses an onion, tomato, and soy meat base with rice.

Both products are designed to be “sauceless” (汁がない) so that they don’t spill on keyboards, controllers, or other equipment. In other words, the perfect food to eat while hanging in a lobby.

Caffeine + niacin for that classic noodle buzz

Now, you might wonder: What makes these “gamer” Cup Noodle? Well, that would come from the other ingredients they’ve stuffed into these bad boys.



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