New Japan Food Terrorism: Domino’s Prank Leads to Store Shutdown

Unseen Japan
5 min readFeb 14, 2024

Domino’s Japan is making headlines, and it’s not for cheap eats: A new food terrorism assault led the chain to close one store — for good.

Picture: Canva

Everyone has their go-to comfort restaurants — those magical places where the food has the power to lift your spirits and bring all the positive vibes. Japan, of course, has its own special spots for that. But, you know how it goes — sometimes, those good memories can take an unexpected turn, especially when food pranks start making waves on social media.

Now, Domino’s finds itself on the list. While the chain would probably prefer to be known for its pickle pizza, it’s instead facing a threat to its reputation. The culprit? Food terrorism.

Brand-new food prank: Here we go again!

In a classic SNS food prank fashion, the viral video features a young Domino’s Pizza part-timer, sporting the iconic hat and uniform, playfully rubbing his nose-picked content onto the pizza dough. Shared on the official 爆サイ.com account on X on Feb. 12, the video reportedly captured the mischief around 2 am that very day. Domino’s swift investigations led to pinpointing the origin of the video — the implicated store in Amagasaki, Hyogo Prefecture.